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This is a template for a screenplay proposal.
If anybody has any constructive suggestions on making it better, please let me know.
NCIS, characters, and et cetera is owned by CBS.
No copyright infringement is intended.
NCIS will be invited to take part in this production.
If they decline the invite, then those names and such will be changed as needed.

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Movie / Pilot - “Where No One Has Gone Before”


AUTHOR NAME: George Evans Pierson III

TITLE OF SHOW: Leviathan: D. S. V.

FORMAT OF SHOW: Feature Film

LENGTH: 135 min. / 2:15 hrs. / 2.25 hrs.

Reg. Writers Guild of America registration number #

Directed by:

Written by: George Evans Pierson & Richard Hansberry

Log Line:


Pilot episode:



Guest Starring:



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